How Much Clean Do You Leave the Pro perty after the End of Tenancy in Parramatta

How Much Clean Do You Leave the Property after the End of Tenancy in Parramatta?

As per the rental agreement, a tenant is responsible for the condition of a rental property in anywhere in Australia. The owner of a property has the complete right to hold back a part of bond money if the property is left not in the state as it were at the time of occupancy. Several studies claim that more than 50% of rental disputes occur because of improper cleaning at the end of tenancy. Therefore, performing the end of vacate cleaning as per the agreement is highly important if you wish to get back your bond money. However, the question is how much clean you have to leave the rental abode?

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Paying Special Attention to the Kitchen

Your landlord may not satisfy with the cleaning of the kitchen. It is a harbour of bacteria and germs. Your kitchen countertop withstands dirt and become greasy with time. The oven and other major appliances also get dirty beyond imagination. A professional end of tenancy agency in Parramatta gives an assurance of in-depth cleaning of every corner of the property including the kitchen. They follow the standard checklist to leave the place spotless.

  • Removal of dust from ceiling fans and exhaust fans
  • Wipe off from inside and outside the cupboards, cabinets and any storage units
  • Cleaning of grease, grime and other spots from the stove and the countertop
  • Cleaning of the oven by removing burnt food particles and other stubborn stains
  • Cleaning of the dishwasher
  • Cleaning of a sink and faucets
  • Cleaning of the splash back and mopping the floor

 Paying Attention to the Bathroom

There are instances where the landlord seems unsatisfied because of the poor cleaning of the bathroom. After kitchen, it is the dirtiest place of an abode and needs special cleaning. The standard bathroom cleaning checklist involves several things:-

  • Removing accumulate dust from exhaust fans
  • Getting read of grime and dir from inside and outside of drawers
  • Removing soap residue and mineral deposits from shower door, shower head, floor, bathtub and soap holder
  • Cleaning of the bathroom’s walls and tiles
  • Cleaning of the toilet seat and towel rails
  • Sanitising door knobs, toilet lever, sinks and taps

 Don’t Forget Cleaning of Areas that Need Extra Cleaning Support

There are some corners of the room that needs special cleaning. If the carpet has stains, vacuuming is not enough. Steam cleaning is the only solution. If the tile of your bathroom gets dirty or stained, it needs special cleaning treatment.

5 End of Vacate Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

5 End of Vacate Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning in general may not be hard and mistakes during the cleaning can be avoided. But when it comes to cleaning of a property at the end of lease, there should be no space for mistakes. Bond cleaning is a deep cleaning that is performed when the property is vacated by the tenant and the property is unfurnished. The cleaning task is only done by a professional cleaner specialises in end of lease cleaning. Let’s find out the mistakes in the cleaning process that can leave the landlord unsatisfied.

Cleaning Not According to the Standard Checklist

A professional cleaning company follows REA or Real Estate Agency checklist for cleaning. It is the standard checklist that includes all kinds of cleaning services that could please the landlord. From cleaning of living area to kitchen and bathroom, it involves all at attractive prices.

Soaking the Upholstery in Water

Another common mistake is to soak up the upholstery with water without investigating the causes of stains. Sometimes, stains of coffee and wine become stubborn or get bigger as it comes in the contact of water.  These stains become harder to remove. The product doesn’t get dry easily and later it starts stinking like a rotten fish.

Cleaning of Electronics with Spray Cleaners

Electronics are sensitive to liquid. The force applied through spray cleaners for cleaning an electronic item can damage the product seriously. While cleaning, avoid using a paper towel as it wood fibres can cause harm. It is good to use a piece of microfiber cloth. A certified liquid can be used for electronics with gentle hands.

Vacuuming in the Wrong Direction

If you are vacuuming in one direction, the vacuum will not suck the dust. Professional cleaners move the vacuum forward and backward so that every fibre can revive and look fresh.

Spraying Surfaces Directly

Spraying a cleaner directly into counterparts and furniture can create a build-up from the products into the surface and can make it hard to clean. It can also attract dust and make the surface greasy. Therefore, spraying the cleaning product onto the wiping cloth and then cleaning the surface is always the smartest cleaning approach.

Contact a professional cleaning agency like S K Cleaning services for end of lease cleaning in Blacktown to avoid such silly cleaning mistakes.

Differences between End of Tenancy & Regular Cleaning

Differences Between End of Tenancy & Regular Cleaning

Are you shifting from your rented property? Are you looking to leave the property with a good note? Do you wish to settle your bond without losing a penny? It is necessary to understand the difference between end of tenancy and regular cleaning in this context. Many tenants believe that lease cleaning and regular cleaning have no difference. Here they do the biggest mistake. Surprisingly, lease cleaning also involves regular cleaning, but it is far different from it. If you want to move out with all your bond money back, understanding the differences between them is crucial.

Regular Cleaning

The type of cleaning comprises the day to day or weekly cleaning tasks to maintain general sanitation of the property. The type of cleaning is necessary to follow on a regular basis to make the aesthetic attractive and keep dust, stains, and other contaminants away. In other words, it is a practice to inhibit the growth of illness-causing bacteria or fungi. Here are some of the tasks performed for regular cleaning:-

  • Vacuuming and brushing carpets
  • Washing laundry and dishes
  • Dusting for general sprucing
  • Wiping commonly used areas like tables, kitchen, bathroom, and furniture
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Cleaning debris from curtains, beddings, upholstery and other areas
  • Garbage disposal

End of Lease Cleaning

When it comes to end of lease cleaning, it stands for deep sanitation that is performed when the tenant removes all his personal belongings and unfurnished the property. When the end of lease agreement is signed, the agreement reads that the property must be returned in the same state as it was at the time of occupancy. If the tenant fails to return the property according to the clause, the owner has the right to cut down some amount from the bond money for cleaning. Here is the list on what involves in the end of lease cleaning in Sydney

  • Wiping of the doors and windows from inside
  • Spot-cleaning of walls, floors, switches, etc.
  • Cleaning of cupboards and other storage units of all rooms
  • Deep cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, and living area
  • Sanitising hard-to-reach or neglected areas
  • Cleaning of the oven and other appliances

It is all about leaving the property in a good state so that the landlord can satisfy. Professional cleaning agencies offers steam cleaning of the carpet with the service at an attractive discount.