End Of Lease Cleaning Auburn

Get Affordable & High Quality End of Lease Cleaning Services in Auburn

  • Offer free RE-CLEANING support within 72 hours of our cleaning if you are not satisfied
  • Open all days in a week to offer lease cleaning as per your convenience
  • Cleaning service is offered by a team of cleaning experts
  • Using high-end modern cleaning equipment to make the property spotless
  • Follow the REA checklists to maintain high-quality cleaning standard
  • Bond cleaning services to homes and offices of all sizes
  • Settled over 98% of bond with our standard cleaning approach
  • Share before and after photos of cleaning
  • Ready to arrange the virtual tour of the property on your request after cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning support starts as low as $200
  • Over 6 years of experience in end-of-lease cleaning
  • To book our services email us at info@skcleaningservice.com.au. Or call at 0412099376

To Get an Instant Quote, Feel Free to Call Us at 0412099376 or email us at info@skcleaningservice.com.au

S K Cleaning Service is a one-stop destination for getting end-of-lease cleaning solutions in Auburn! We offer world-class end of lease cleaning support to your office, apartment, villa, or independent home so that you can leave the property with greater satisfaction and good notes.

End of Lease Cleaning Services in Auburn, New South Wales

SK Cleaning offers end of lease cleaning services to entire Western Sydney suburb areas. We offer comprehensive cleaning support because we follow the REA checklist standard. Our end of lease Auburn cleaning service aims at providing services on time and at affordable prices.

Checklists of Our End of Lease Cleaning Services in Auburn

General Cleaning- Remove cobwebs, insect marks, clean fans, light fittings, spot clean of walls, light switches, drawers, and much more

For Kitchen- Cleaning of cupboards, drawers (inside and outside), stove, knobs, trays, glasses, rings, knobs, trays, racks, sinks, drain holes, and polishing of tape ware and so on…

For Bathrooms- Cleaning the cupboards (inside and out), tiles, bathtub, exhaust fans, shower recess, Polishing of tap ware, towel rails, and cleaning of other fixtures…

Living Room/Dining Room/Common Areas- Removing cobwebs, cleaning of windows and doors (inside), doorframes, carpet vacuuming, light fixtures, doorframes, and doorknobs….

It is just a highlight of end of lease cleaning. To get the details of the cleaning, call us at 0412099376 or email us at info@skcleaningservice.com.au

end of lease cleaning

What Do We Want from You?

We have a few property-related requirements from you before our cleaning team arrives:-

  • Vacate your place, make sure all your personal belongings are removed
  • Vacate the cupboards and all fragile items
  • Arrange the key of the property so that our cleaners can enter without objection
  • Keep the property unfurnished and remove heavy furniture if any
  • Arrange the parking area for our heavy vehicle if you are looking for carpet steam cleaning

Why Choose Us for End of Lease Cleaning Services in Auburn?

We render high-quality cleaning assistance to a property of any size and anywhere located in Auburn.

Bond Back Assurance

As a professional cleaning service provider, we offer the best cleaning solution to your property to make it ready for a close inspection. Our comprehensive plan will help you settle the bond readily.

Maintain Safety & Hygiene

We use only eco-friendly products for cleaning. Each cleaning solution we use is free from harmful chemicals to maintain the safety of your surroundings.

 Maintain Advanced Cleaning Standards

We follow the Real Estate Agency (REA) checklist. Our deep and comprehensive end of lease cleaning includes wiping, mopping, vacuuming, and disinfecting the property.

Trained Staff

Our end-of-lease cleaners in Auburn have hands-on experience in handling all types of advanced cleaning equipment. Considering the product fragility and delicacy, we offer the best cleaning solutions to your property.

No Supervision Required

We understand how busy you are. Our cleaning services don’t need your physical presence. After cleaning we share the before and after photos and can arrange virtual tour of the property on your wish.

Timely Service

We arrive at your doorstep at the specified time. We are bound to serve you on time. If you get late, we will inform you about any delay because of unavoidable circumstances.

Flexible Checklists for Add-On

We are flexible to let you add the service that you have missed or forgotten. You can either include or exclude services from the cleaning list as per your requirements.

Enjoying Happy Clienteles

Our strength is our happy clients. We have been in the industry for more than 6 years and helped to settle over 98% lease bonds.

Call us at 0412099376 or email us at info@skcleaningservice.com.au

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100 % satisfaction guarantee


What are your charges for bond cleaning services in Auburn?

Our cleaning services are available at reasonable prices. Our bond cleaning starts at as low as $200. However, several factors influence the pricing such as carpet steam cleaning can cost you extra. It is better to call us for a discussion. We share the precise quote.

How much time do you take for cleaning?

It is difficult to tell how much time it would take to clean a property. We leave the property until the cleaning is provided according to the checklist.

Do you include cleaning of windows from both outside and inside?

Our end-of-lease cleaning covers the cleaning of windows from inside. If you want cleaning of windows from outside, the charge will be applicable separately.

Do you provide wall cleaning services?

The end-of-lease cleaning also covers general cleaning. We remove spots and stains from the walls. Please note that stubborn spots cannot be cleaned.

How do you arrange the property visit after cleaning?

You can inspect the area physically or we can share the before and after photos. At your request, a virtual tour of the property can be arranged.

What if the landlord is not satisfied?

We offer a cleaning service within 72 hours of the cleaning if you have any cleaning issues.

Are there any charges that you take in advance?

Yes, we have the policy of taking 30% of the total lease cleaning amount in advance and the rest after cleaning.

Do you cancel the cleaning at the last minute?

In our 6 years of cleaning history, we have been maintained a joyful B2C relationship.

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