End Of Lease Cleaning Fairfield

Get the Finest Assistance for End of Lease Cleaning in Fairfield

  • Get free RE-CLEANING in the next 72 hours
  • Get an assurance of deposit back guarantee with our professional cleaning support
  • Provide services at your given schedule
  • Cleaning by well-experienced cleaners
  • Dedicated to provide cleaning under the REA checklists to maintain the standard
  • Offer bond cleaning services to homes & commercial properties
  • Share before and after photos to assure 100% cleaning satisfaction
  • Ready to arrange a virtual tour of the property
  • Save money as cleaning starts as low as $200
  • Easy booking facility via online or calling us at 0412099376
  • Experience of over 6 years in the cleaning industry in Australia

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As the date of the end of lease comes near, you become stressed about shifting, packing, and cleaning the current property. How about releasing from the task of cleaning completely?

S K Cleaning is ready to take the responsibility of bond cleaning on your behalf. We offer professional vacate cleaning services in Fairfield. No matter how large or small, personal or commercial property you have, we offer the best bond cleaning support. Our cleaning services assure to settle your bond back without hassles.

We follow REA checklists which is a standard cleaning checklist to provide you with the best cleaning experience. We leave your property until the cleaning covers all in the checklist and everything is up to mark. And the best thing is that it all comes with a bond-back assurance.

If anything is missed from our side or if the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning, we offer free re-cleaning within the next 72 hours. Doesn’t it sound great?

Get Professional End of Lease Cleaning in Fairfield

As our cleaners arrive at your address, they will inspect every corner of the property to confirm everything is included in the checklist. They note down the area that needs extra cleaning. Remember, the type of cleaning is much more detailed than the typical regular cleaning. Here we are highlighting some key points. As you contact us we will share all the details of bond cleaning in Fairfield.

For Kitchen- Cleaning of cupboards, the sink, countertops, stovetop, rangehood, oven, dishwasher…

For Bathrooms- Cleaning of all cupboards (inside and out), toilet seat, bathtubs, mirrors, windows, exhaust fan, ventilation, soap holders, towel rails, and other fixtures.

Living Room/Dining Room/Common Areas- Remove cobwebs, vacuuming and mopping of floors, cleaning wardrobes, doorframes, doorknobs, windows, light fixtures, and mattresses.

Our cleaning also involves General Cleaning. This is just a highlight. To inquire the service in detail give us a call at 0412099376

Our Expectations from Clients

We need some cooperation from you to offer the best quality end-of-lease cleaning in Fairfield. In other words, we have a couple of property-related requirements.

  1. Before our arrival, vacate the property, make sure it doesn’t have your any personal belongings
  2. The property must be fully unfurnished
  3. Arrange the key so that our cleaners can enter
  4. For steam cleaning of carpets, provide us room for parking of the vehicle laden with a heavy cleaning machine

To Get an Instant Quote Ring Us at 0412099376

What is the cost of your vacate cleaning in Fairfield?

Our minimum price starts from as low as $200. However, the cost depends on several other factors. For instance, lawn mowing and steam cleaning for the carpet have separate charges that can come with discounts with the end of lease cleaning. Call us to discuss!

Are there any advance charges?

Around 30% of the total payment is taken in advance and the rest after cleaning.

What if you cancel my cleaning request at the last minute of the service?

We are a professional cleaning agency, working for over 6 years in Fairfield, Blacktown, Homebush, and several other places in Sydney and Melbourne. We have successfully maintained a joyful B2C relationship.

How much time do you take to clean the property?

It is not an hourly-based cleaning service. We leave the property after getting assurance that everything is according to the checklist.

What if the landlord is not satisfied with the service?

Clients' satisfaction is our real price. If the landlord has any issues with the cleaning, call us within 72 hours for free re-cleaning assistance.

Do you move furniture when cleaning?

Our cleaners move small pieces of furniture like chairs and coffee tables. We request you to keep the place free from heavy sized furniture before we arrive.

How can I get an assurance of bond back?

Our bond cleaning follows the Real Estate Agency checklist. In this way, we offer the finest cleaning solutions. As far as, our cleaning services have over 95% of success rate in the first attempt. We can assure to settle your bond with good notes.

Do I have to take a day off when the service is ongoing?

Your physical presence is not necessary at the time of cleaning. However, we request you to inspect the property as soon as we leave it.

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