End Of Lease Cleaning Homebush

Get the Finest End of Lease Cleaning Solutions in Homebush

  • If not satisfied find free RE-CLEANING support within 72 hours of our cleaning
  • Serving all 7 days in a week to let you choose the date of cleaning as per your convenience
  • Having a team of expert cleaners and well equipped with high-end cleaning tools
  • Follow the REA checklists to provide high-quality cleaning assurance
  • End of lease cleaning services to offices and homes of all sizes
  • Successfully settled bond of our respected clients during our 6 years of service
  • Cleaning service is not bound with time
  • Share before and after photos of cleaning once it is done
  • Ready to arrange virtual tour of the property on your request also
  • Bond cleaning services starting from as low as $200
  • Book our services via email at info@skcleaningservice.com.au Or call at 0412099376

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SK Cleaning Service is a professional bond cleaning agency in Homebush, providing the finest end of lease cleaning assistance to properties of any size. We cover all the services of the checklists so that you can get back 100% return of your bond at the end of the tenant. Contact us to get the details of end of lease cleaning solutions in Homebush.

End of Lease Cleaning Services in Homebush, Inner Suburb, New South Wales

What is the most common dispute between the landlord and the tenant during the end of lease? It is usually the cleaning issue. According to the lease agreement, as a tenant, you have to return the property in the same condition as it were at the time of occupancy. If you fail to meet the expectation of cleaning, settling the bond can become difficult.

As a professional cleaning agency, S K Cleaning Service is well-versed with cutting-edge cleaning equipment and new cleaning techniques to make the property spotless and ready for a close inspection. Our vacant cleaning Homebush solution is on time, under your budget, and with care.

Checklists of Our End of Lease Cleaning Services in Homebush-

General Cleaning (include cleaning of drawers, floors, fans, cobwebs, stairs, etc.)

For Kitchen- Cleaning of inside, outside and on top of all cupboards, drawers , stove, rings, knobs, trays, racks, glass and knobs, cleaning of sinks, drain holes, and polish tape ware…

For Bathrooms- Cleaning the cupboards (inside and out),  exhaust fans, bath, shower recess, soap residue on tiles, polish of tap ware, towel rails, and cleaning of other fixtures…

Living Room/Dining Room/Common Areas- Removing cobwebs, cleaning of doors, windows (inside), carpet vacuuming, cleaning of wardrobes, doorframes, doorknobs, and light fixtures….

End Of Lease Cleaning Service

It is just a highlight of cleaning. For details, ring us at 0412099376 or email us at info@skcleaningservice.com.au

Some Expectations from You

  • Before we arrive at your address, vacate the property and remove all your personal belongings
  • Arrange the key of the property so that our cleaners can enter for cleaning
  • We request you to keep the property unfurnished and remove heavy furniture if any
  • Provide us the parking room if you are looking for steam cleaning of your carpet

Why Choose SK Cleaning for End of Lease Cleaning Services in Homebush?

We can give you several good reasons for hiring us-

Secure Your Bond Amount

We are a professional cleaning agency as we follow REA (Real Estate Agency) checklist. By providing high-quality cleaning we ensure that you leave the present house with good notes and get back your lease amount.

Maintaining the Work Standard

We offer hands on training to our team. They have the potentials to meet your specific cleaning requirements. We use non-toxic and safe cleaning products to clean the property.

Cleaning with Advanced Equipment

We have a stock of all the advanced cleaning equipment. Our cleaning equipment range includes high-end vacuum cleaners for all types of surfaces, tile scrubbing machines, polishing machines and more to offer in-depth and gentle cleaning.

Reducing the Stress Level

When the end of lease time comes near, you deal with two types of pressures- packing and cleaning. On your behalf, SK Cleaning takes the responsibility of cleaning. Meanwhile, you can focus on your packing and shifting.

Work Satisfaction Assurance

Our professional bond cleaning services in Homebush will provide you with 100% work satisfaction. If the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning, contact us for free re-cleaning services within 72 hours of our cleaning.

Need No Supervision

Each cleaner of our team knows his duty. So, your physical presence is not necessary. You can arrive once the cleaning is done for a close inspection.

Flexible Hour Services

We are open for 24 x 7 hours. Moreover, we are ready to provide the same-day service. Cleaning service is offered at your convenience.

Flexible Checklists for Add-Ons

If you want to add something to the checklist, you are most welcomed. We are flexible to add if anything is missed from the cleaning list.

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100 % satisfaction guarantee

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How much do you charge for end of lease cleaning in Homebush?

Our cleaning support is available at reasonable prices. It is offered from as low as $200. However, several factors can influence the price. Since every property is unique, the cleaning price can vary. As you contact us, we share the precise quote. Ring us at 0412099376

How long does the cleaning last?

Cleaning time can vary on several factors including the size of the rental, the furnishing of the space, and how much cleaning is required. We leave the place until we are satisfied with our work.

Is carpet steam cleaning the part of end of lease cleaning?

No, it is not but we vacuum the carpet under end of lease cleaning. Steam cleaning charges are separate for which we may offer some discounts.

Does your bond cleaning service include a complete wall clean?

A full wall clean is necessary when marks exist beyond normal wear and tear. However, we clean spots on walls.

Does the cleaning involve the garage and the patio?

We sweep your garage and patio floors and remove cobwebs.

What if the landlord is not satisfied?

As we have mentioned we offer free re-cleaning services within 72 hours of our cleaning. So, we request you to pay a visit to the property right after cleaning to resolve any cleaning issue in the given time.

Do you charge in advance?

Yes, we charge 30% of the total lease cleaning amount and the rest after cleaning.

Do you cancel the project at the last minute?

We believe in maintaining a joyful B2B relationship.

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