End Of Lease Cleaning Parramatta

Get end-of-lease cleaning services in Parramatta & NSW at the Best Prices in the Industry!

S K Cleaning Service offers world-class cleaning support in Greater Western Sydney. If you are moving from your rental property in Parramatta, let us handle your exhausting bond cleaning work. We offer our customers the finest cleaning services with a Bond Return Guarantee. We share before and after images to let you judge the differences.

Just Give a Glance at Our Services-

  • Offering free RE-CLEANING in the next 72 hours if you have any complain
  • Bound to clean every little detail to leave the place brighter
  • Our cleaning meets with REA checklists
  • Make the property ready for close inspection
  • Bond cleaning starts from as low as $200
  • Make your shifting stress free by taking the whole responsibility of cleaning
  • Our services are easy-to-book- email us or call us
  • Provide cleaning services as per your convenience hours
  • Share before and after images to meet your satisfaction
  • Request us for virtual tour of the property after cleaning
  • Providing bond cleaning in Parramatta for over 6 years

Our efficient cleaning team will never let you down and prepare the property for inspection. All our end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney jobs comply with the REA checklist. We ensure deep cleaning by using branded and eco-friendly cleaning products. We aim at providing you with the ultimate cleaning satisfaction. Each cleaner of us is well-trained and responsible for their duties. They know what landlords can expect while inspecting the property. From glasses to doors and corners of kitchens, all are cleaned by us without leaving spots.

If your landlord is not satisfied with cleaning, we arrange a free re-cleaning within the next 72 hours. Doesn’t it sound great?

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Our Standard Bond Cleaning Services in Parramatta

When your cleaning experts arrive at your address, they first inspect the area to confirm everything is according to the checklist. They will also notice the areas that may require extra cleaning.

Below is our standard end-of-lease cleaning services:

Cleaning of Kitchen- Bench tops, stove, sinks, oven, drain holes, plugs, taps, cupboards, exhaust, dishwasher

Cleaning of Bathrooms- Cleaning moulds, vanity, shower, basin, cupboard, toilets, exhaust fans, mirror, all taps …

Cleaning Living Room/Dining Room/Common Areas- Vacuuming rugs, cleaning of light switches, windows, doors, cupboards, etc…

To learn in detail about our standard bound cleaning services in Parramatta email us or call us!

Our bond cleaning includes laundry and general cleaning assistance as well.

End of Lease Cleaning Service

We Request Our Clients for a Little Help?

We need some favour from you before providing end-of-lease cleaning in Parramatta. In other words, we have some property-related requirements.

  1. Before we reach at your address, vacate the property and it shouldn’t have your personal belongings
  2. Keep the property unfurnished
  3. If the requirement of steam cleaning for carpets, you must have space for parking the vehicle that has the machine to carry out the work
  4. Allow our cleaners to enter in your property

Why S K Cleaning Cleaning for End of Lease Cleaning Services in Parramatta?

We believe in rendering a top-class cleaning solution to meet your work satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

As a leading cleaning professional, we aim at providing top-quality cleaning solutions. It is why we offer a Bond Back Guarantee with complete cleaning satisfaction. We offer deep cleaning assurance.

Priority to Safety & Hygiene

We ensure not to do any harm to the property by using only eco-friendly products for cleaning. We care environment and your close ones. Each product cleaning product is free from harmful chemicals to ensure the safety of both human beings and the environment.

Maintain Advanced Cleaning Standards

If you ask what makes us different from others, it is our comprehensive cleaning plans and professionalism. We offer what we have promised. We follow the checklist of REINSW. We aim to meet the demand of our customers and the landlord who is choosy.

Trained Cleaning Team

At S K Cleaning Service, we offer practical training to our cleaning staff. They are categorized according to their work responsibilities to provide top-quality services in the given schedule. They know the art of how to clean a product considering its strength & fragility.

Service at Fair Prices

You can compare our service quotes to our competitors as the prices are flexible and genuine. There are no hidden charges and no fuss after cleaning. We maintain high-quality work professionalism.

No Supervision Required

We are all busy. At the same time, you are worried about your bond clean. That’s why we share before and after photos. Even you are not present at the venue, we provide the best cleaning satisfaction by sending comparison photos. visit our Gallery

Inspection-Worthy Cleans

Why not end your lease with a good note by leaving the property in the same state that you have found. Our super cleaning services will leave your landlord happy and satisfied. We provide the best cleaning assistance.

Flexible Checklists for Add-Ons

We people are forgetful. If you think you have missed something from the checklist to clean, we are flexible to let you add the thing such as steam cleaning, blind cleaning, and appliance cleaning.


100 % satisfaction guarantee


What are the charges of bond cleaning?

Our bond cleaning starts at minimum AUS $200. There are several other factors that impact the cost of cleaning such as steam cleaning for the carpet.

Have you charged anything in advanced?

We are a professional cleaning agency. We charge only 30% of your estimated cleaning charge just to ensure that we are now booked for your service.

What if you cancel the cleaning service at the last minute?

In our professional cleaning journey we have not done anything like this and we are ensuring you not to do in future.

How much time do you take to clean the property?

It is not an hourly-based work. So, we are not restricted by time. Our cleaner will leave the place until they are satisfied with their cleaning.

What if the landlord seems unsatisfied with cleaning?

We offer free re-cleaning assistance within 72 hours of the cleaning. Feel free to call us within 72 hours.

Do I need to arrange cleaning products before you arrive?

No, because our cleaning agency is responsible for arranging cleaning products and cleaning equipment. We use advanced cleaning machine to provide spotless cleaning experience.

How do you assure us that I get back my bond money?

We follow the Real Estate Agency checklist to provide in-depth cleaning. In our career, we have satisfied 99% of our clients with our outstanding cleaning assistance.

Do I need to take a day off when you arrive?

We don’t need your presence. We want you to allow us to enter the property for cleaning.

Do you offer virtual tour of the property after cleaning?

Yes, we offer the virtual tour of the property right after cleaning. We also arranges before and after photos.

What are you waiting for? Call us to get an instant quote!

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