End Of Lease Cleaning Quakers Hill

Get the Finest Assistance for End of Lease Cleaning in Quakers Hill

  • Schedule your lease cleaning service as per your flexibility and convenience
  • Providing free re-cleaning support within 72 hours of cleaning
  • Providing an assurance of the best cleaning support using the advanced cleaning equipment
  • Dedicated to follow the Real Estate Agency (REA) checklist to maintain cleaning standard
  • Offering cleaning services to homes and offices in Quakers Hill
  • Giving the bond back assurance by our well-training cleaning experts
  • Sharing before and after images of your property
  • Arranging video calling right after cleaning upon your request
  • Offering bond cleaning support as low as $200
  • Easy booking facilities via phone and online
  • Having 6+ years of experience in the industry

Why Go Anywhere, when S K Cleaning Service is Here. Feel Free to Call Us at 0412099376 or Email us at info@skcleaningservice.com.au

When it comes to shifting from one location to another, you are surrounded with a lot of work responsibilities such as cleaning of the existing property, packaging, shifting, and unpacking. Why not give vacate cleaning responsibility to somebody who is specialise in it?

We, SK Cleaning Services, specialise in providing vacate cleaning services in Quakers Hill. We have helped a number of businesses and homes in the location in shifting with good notes. Our cleaning process is systematic. We have a team of experts who clean the property with latest cleaning equipment. They know the type of cleaning requires on a particular surface so that the result is always accurate and up to mark. They follow the REA Checklist to maintain high-quality cleaning standard.

Our bond-back cleaning support in Quakers Hill covers cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, living area, and all rooms. The service also includes general cleaning and deep-carpet cleaning on your request.

Your satisfaction is our priority. In case, your landlord seems unsatisfied from our cleaning, contact us within 72 hours of our cleaning for getting free re-cleaning services.

Our Step-by-Step Standard Bond Cleaning Services in Blacktown

When our bond cleaning team arrives at your address, they will inspect every area to confirm everything is included in the checklist. They will note the areas that need extra cleaning support to make the place spotless.

Our Standard Bond Cleaning Services in Quakers Hill

Our cleaning team never gets late. If they get late due to traffic or any reason, you will get message and we feel sorry for the inconvenience. They inspect the property first to note down the area that need special cleaning.

(Note: Please pay attention that it is not the whole checklist, but some highlights. As you contact us, we share the detailed of the service.)

For Kitchen- Deep cleaning of the oven, sink, countertop, cupboards (inside and outside), exhaust fans, and more…

 For Bathrooms- Cleaning of the bathtub, towel rails, tiles, taps, mirrors, cupboards (inside and outside), and lots more…

Living Room/Dining Room/Common Areas- Removing cobwebs, cleaning of walls to remove spots, vacuum carpets, door and window cleaning, cupboards (inside and outside) and several others.

Please note that General Cleaning is also the part of lease cleaning. For further inquiry of the service, call us at 0412099376 or email us at info@skcleaningservice.com.au

S K Cleaning Service

What Do We Expect from You?

We need some cooperation from you for cleaning.

  1. Remove all your personal belonging before the cleaning team arrives
  2. For uninterrupted cleaning service, arrange the key of the property so that cleaners can enter
  3. Arrange parking for our steam cleaning vehicle if you need deep cleaning for your carpet
  4. Requesting you to visit the property right after our cleaning so that re-cleaning can be arranged if any cleaning issue arises


How costly your Quakers Hill service is?

Our end of lease cleaning services in Quakers Hill starts at as low as $200. The charge of the service depends on several other factors. It can depend on the property size and deep cleaning of the carpet.

Do you charge anything in advance?

Yes, we charge 30% of the total amount of cleaning as advance and the rest after cleaning. It is an assurance that we will be available for your service.

Can you cancel the service anytime without notice?

We have been in the industry for the past 6 years. We have made the record of providing the finest services that meet your ends.

How much time does the cleaning take?

There is now time boundary. We leave your premise when you are sure about complete cleaning from our side.

What if the service doesn’t seem up to mark?

Right after leaving your premise, we request you to inspect the property physically. If the cleaning seems not up to mark, feel free to call us for free re-cleaning support within 72 hours of the cleaning.

What is bond back assurance in your service?

We follow REA checklist which is the standard checklist for services. Therefore, we are capable of pleasing our clients in our first attempt of cleaning.

Do you need my physical presence?

No, we don’t. We only need the key of the property and your permission to enter. Once the cleaning is done, you can inspect the property.