End Of Lease Cleaning Seven Hills

Get end of lease cleaning services in Seven Hills, NSW

  • Schedule your cleaning as per your convenience and comfortable time
  • Free re-cleaning assistance within 72 hours of our cleaning
  • Cleaning done by expert cleaners who are trained enough in operating cleaning tools
  • Follow the REA checklist to maintain high-quality cleaning standard
  • Lease cleaning for homes and offices of any size
  • Offering bond back assurance by maintaining the work standard
  • Share before and after photos of cleaning
  • Able to arrange before and after photos of cleaning
  • Start the end of lease cleaning support as low as $200
  • Booking is available through online and call
  • Associated with the cleaning industry for the past 6 years

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As the date of end of lease arrives, you become overloaded with a host of responsibilities like shifting, packing and cleaning. S K Cleaning Service is ready to take the responsibility of cleaning on your behalf so that you can shift in peace.

We offer professional vacate cleaning services in Seven Hills. We use the latest cleaning equipment and each of our cleaners has hands-on experience of cleaning. They know their job best. We follow the REA Checklist to maintain high-quality work standard to settle your cleaning according to the lease agreement.

Our bond-back cleaning support in Seven Hills covers all rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. We also provide general cleaning to the property to make the area spotless.

Providing work satisfaction is our priority. So before leaving the property, we recheck everything as per the checklist. In case your landlord seems not so happy, you can contact us within 72 hours of our cleaning to get free re-cleaning services.

end of lease cleaning Seven Hills

Our Standard Bond Cleaning Services in Seven Hills

Our cleaners arrive on time. If they get late for any reason, they message you. Our team first inspects the property to make sure everything is in the checklist. If anything seems missing, we inform you. They note down the area that needs extra cleaning.

(Note: Kindly note that it is not the whole checklist, but some major highlights. As you contact us, we share the detailed brochure of cleaning.)

For Kitchen- Deep cleaning of the oven, the sink, the countertop, exhaust fans, cupboards (inside and outside) and much more…

For Bathrooms- Cleaning of mirrors, cupboards (inside and outside), towel rails, tiles, bathtubs, taps, and lots more…

Living Room/Dining Room/Common Areas- Removing cobwebs, cleaning of spots on walls, carpet vacuuming, door and window cleaning (inside), and lots more…

It also involves General Cleaning. Get in touch with us for further inquiry of our services at 0412099376 or at info@skcleaningservice.com.au

100 % satisfaction guarantee

Our Expectations from You

For providing uninterrupted cleaning support, we need some help from you-

  1. Remove all your personal belongings and make the property unfurnished before we arrive
  2. Arrange the key so that we can enter the property without objection
  3. Provide the parking room for our heavy vehicle if you need steam cleaning for your carpet
  4. Inspect the property right after our cleaning so that re-cleaning can arrange quickly if you are unsatisfied

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How much does your lease cleaning cost in Seven Hills?

Our end of lease cleaning services in Seven Hills starts as low as $200. However, the charge can vary depending on other factors like the number rooms to be cleaned, lawn mowing, and others…

Do you charge anything in advance?

Yes, we charge 30% of the total cleaning charge in advance and the rest after the cleaning process is done.

Do you cancel the cleaning assignment in the last moment?

Our cleaning agency is dedicated to provide the finest cleaning support. We provide on time service. In case, we get late because of traffic, we will message you.

How long does the cleaning task complete?

The service has not the boundary of time. Our cleaning expert will leave the premise once everything is accurate and according to the checklist.

What if the landlord seems not so happy?

As we leave your premise, kindly come down for physical inspection as soon as possible because if anything appears amiss we offer free re-cleaning support within 72 hours of our cleaning.

What is bond back assurance in your service?

We follow REA (Real Estate Agency) checklist to ensure that high-quality cleaning standard to be maintained. So, over 95% our customers are satisfied with our first cleaning approach.

Do you need my physical presence?

No, you only need to arrange the key so that our cleaners can do their job. Once the cleaning is done, we share before and after photos for comparison. Right after this, you can perform physical inspection of the property.

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