Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

If you are looking to book cleaning services from S. K Cleaning, it means you agree with our following Terms of Service. At S.K Cleaning, we use digital platforms to book cleaning services. We have set some terms and condition to avoid any inconvenience and doubt related to our cleaning services.


Our terms and conditions will apply to all contracts for the provider of Services by us to the customer and will prevail over any other documentation or communication from the customer. We request each client of us to go through the policy.

We don’t tolerate inappropriate behaviour towards our cleaners and our organ like harassment, threatening and intimidating either written, verbally or physically. We will take whatever necessary action (may be legal) regarding the explicit or abusing language, defamatory and racist remarks against the person who is involved in them. We reserve the right to terminate the service immediately without refund. As a customer, you will have to agree with terms and don’t claim for a refund.

Take a look at our Bond cleaning inclusions and exclusions-


⦁    It is the Customers responsibility to stay connected with us and 1 hour prior to the service.  If we are unable to contact the customer for any reason, we will keep the job continue using reasonable endeavors.

⦁    It is entirely on the Customers who can give access to the Property to the Cleaner.

⦁    If the key of the property is not accessible or we are unable to enter the property on time, the customer has to pay off $40 per hour non-access fees.

⦁    The location of the key should be agreed in writing in the form of SMS or email. We may charge extra depending on how far the location.

⦁    Failure to access the Property will cost you an additional $80 cancellation fee or a postpone.

⦁    Our Cleaners need unobstructed and unencumbered access to all areas of the property that needs cleaning.

⦁    The Customer should allow us to take before and after images to keep as a record in order to offer quality assurance and proof of work quality if necessary.

⦁    Customers should provide our cleaners access to running water and electricity. It comes under bond cleaning. If the convenience is not available, our cleaner will try to give the best service but the Bond Cleaning assurance will not be provided.

⦁    If cleaning of heavy items like fridge or washing machine or the item heavier than 5 kg, the customer has to shift the item before the cleaning is started. It is his own risk. If they are not removed the item and want us to do the job, it should be in written form.

⦁    Before the cleaning work starts, your belongings should be cleaned from the area for example cleaning of the wall needs to remove any wall hang items.

⦁    All rubbish should be removed from the cupboards and draws before cleaning. We are not responsible to remove all the rubbish. However, you have the right to negotiate with the cleaner to remove the rubbish, extra charges may apply.


⦁    All quotes are estimates only, according to an average house and room sizes.

⦁    Though we offer the cleaning service at affordable prices, they may increase considering the additional factors like

⦁    The property is not well described by the Customer. For instance, there is an additional room or additional or different quality blinds.

⦁    The property is not well maintained or heavily soiled. We may charge additional to clean the dirtier area because it consumes extra time and cleaning solutions. It comes under the Bond Cleaning Standards according to the Managing Agent under the governance of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008

⦁    Any area in the property which is not coming under the agreed service

⦁    If the cleaner has charged with additional costs like parking fees

⦁    Any change in the requirement of cleaning like the customer wants to clean a particular item which is not listed

⦁    Removing rubbish

⦁    We have the right to avoid cleaning the item or area in the property if it has involved some risks. For example, a cracked power point and cleaning at heights. The customer will be informed about it and it will not come under the Bond Cleaning Guarantee.

⦁    Some areas or items may be the subject of wear and tear or not possible to clean because of long-term exposure. They don't come under warranty.

⦁    In case, any change occurs in the quote, we will contact you for your nod.

⦁    Once you get to agree with the quote, you will have to pay using your supplied Credit Card before the variation work commences.

⦁    If you are not agreed with the variation of the quote,  PLEASE NOTE this may void some areas or all areas of your Bond back guarantee. We can communicate with you via phone or email.


Make sure all the stuff has been removed from the area you want them to be neat and clean including the bathroom, kitchen, table or side tables

Additional charges may apply if the customer wants to clean any other area apart from the list.


⦁    If you cancel the Bond Cleaning or General Cleaning 5 days after, we will refund the amount but the administration fee $25 will be deducted.

⦁    If the service is canceled within 5 days or 2 days before the booking date, you will be charged with $50 as cancellation or postpone fee. The fee will not refund but can be used in 3 calendar months while getting the cleaning services for the same address.

⦁    If you cancel the service within 24 hours from the date of cleaning, the customer has to pay the cleaning charge along with the cancellation charge.

⦁    We have the right to cancel the service if we observe the following property is not safe for our staff. The same day cancellation fee will be applicable.

⦁    We have the right to cancel or re-schedule the Service if the property is not as it is described or any unexpected circumstances. is not as described either in condition or size or if unexpected circumstances occur.


⦁    We receive payment through Credit Card or Bank transfer prior to the cleaning date.

⦁    If you would like to book the bond clean and secure a date, for security reasons, kindly provide valid credit card details. The minimum booking charge will be $50.

⦁    If payment through bank transfer, share the remittance details and give us 3 days for Bank clearing. If the remittance details or payment is not received 3 days before the service, the service will be cancelled and the customer has to pay the booking fee on the account of a forfeit.

⦁    Customers will have to play the late payment fine of $50 if they miss to pay off during the one calendar month of the invoice date. If the payment gets delay for the next month or so, along with the late payment fee, a fixed rate of 10% per year will be charged for every 3 days for the outstanding amount.

⦁    We possess the right to report against non-payment to collection agencies like CRA, your property agency, and the TICA. It may influence your credit rates or ability to apply for rental.

⦁    We would like to draw your attention that any chargeback on a credit card should not be attempted without the written approval of a recognized regulatory body or us. It will also include 25% additional feel charge and GST as per the law. The matter will be taken to the recovery agent which can affect your credit score.


⦁    Our Bond Cleaning Guarantee means that we will return free of charge to rectify any issue the Managing Agent has with the cleaning (under the governance of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008) provided by Us within the bounds of these Terms and Conditions and our Inclusions and Exclusions.

⦁    Our Bond Cleaning Guarantee is an application to the service you have engaged us for. For instance, if you have given us the duty of a Bond Clean not the cleaning of carpet, we cover only a bond clean.

⦁    There are certain services doesn't come under bond cleanings like heavy dirt, broken area, Ceilings, deep stains or Garage walls.

⦁    The process of re-cleaning is considered in the case when you are unsatisfied and providing proofs in the form of images

⦁    We need 24-48 working Hours to arrange a re-clean requirement if necessary.

⦁    After a re-clean, we will warrant any work for one day

⦁    Until commencement and finalisation of the Service, these Terms and Conditions will be remained applied.

⦁    We do not guarantee for natural events that occur with time like water marks, open windows etc. Any empty house with opened door or window can get dirty.

⦁    We are not responsible for any Act-of-God incidents like flood, storm, fire earthquake, flood, storm and cyclone.


⦁    Under no circumstances, refund claims will be considered once the service is done.

⦁    Customers need to be agreed on re-cleaning or an inspection of the work for if they are unsatisfied.

⦁    The Bond Cleaning guarantee doesn't include extra work.

⦁    We take all precautions during cleaning. Some items may wear or tear. If you feel that apart from wear and tear any damage can cause, please provide us the details in written along with the photo of the object.

⦁    Any damages claims will be subject to proof during the service. You can claim and the fault is accepted. The customer needs to be agreed to replace or repair if possible.

⦁    In case you want your fridge to be cleaned inside, it is you who is responsible to make it empty and defrost it in advance. We may charge extra for this.

⦁    The Customer is responsible to inform us if any theft or damage occurs because of a cleaner within 24 hours of the service completion.


⦁    All complaints are accepted in written order via email

⦁    A complaint should be made within 24 hours

⦁    Complaints must carry the Customers name, contact number, the date of the complaint and a detailed explanation of the complaint including documents and any proof.

⦁    Complaints should contain the resolution that the client wants.

⦁    They can visit our portal and follow the complaint procedure.

⦁    Every client needs to follow the complaint procedure. If they are not following the rules of us for complaint, we have the right to dismiss their complaint.

⦁    If you are okay or satisfied with the proposed actions for the complaint, we will close the complaint and try to bring an amendment in the service.

If you are not satisfied or agreed with our proposed actions, we will keep a record of it and either of us has the right to refer the complaint to the state or territory consumer protection agency or a legal advisor.